What does an estimate cost?

All of our estimates are free! With COVID-19 currently circulating, we can guide you through measurements and photos needed to provide you with a quick digital estimate. As always, we are still providing in-person measurements and quotes as well.

What kind of timeline can I expect on my project?

While lead times can vary week to week, we do our best to keep track of these lead times so that we’re scheduling your installation within a week of product arrival. This gives our team time to inspect your products to make sure that they’ve arrived in perfect condition and are ready to install.

Do I have to purchase an installation to buy products from you?

As vendors, we’re able to provide materials for projects regardless of who is installing. We can also provide delivery of products, and installation guides from manufacturers when available. 

What warranty do you offer for your work?

Our products come with varying manufacturer warranties, and our installations are backed by a 3 year labor warranty on any installation related issues.